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Living room lighting

Living room lighting: what bulbs are there and how to use them?

The living room is the number one space in your home where you spend the most time. You eat in your living room, have conversations with family members, watch TV and receive guests. You therefore want to create a nice atmosphere in this room where there is room for cosiness and relaxation. Lighting plays an important role in this. But what other functions does lighting fulfil in your living room and how do you go about it? You can read all about living room lighting below!

Living room lighting
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Why living room lighting?

You decorate your living room with care. After all, it is your home's calling card. Living room lighting is an essential part of this. It should therefore complement your interior perfectly. The lighting in your living room also has a crucial function: you need light for everything you do. After all, reading a book without a lamp is rather difficult.

Besides, every activity requires a different kind of living room lighting, such as bright light when you want to study with concentration or cosy ambient light when you play games with your children or friends. But where do you start when it comes to living room lighting? We'll tell you more about how to use living room lighting to your advantage below.

Living room lighting: how to tackle it?

The main lighting in the living room is achieved with a good basic lamp that adequately illuminates the room. Think of a ceiling lamp or spotlights distributed throughout the room. After this, you can divide your living room into several zones for lighting. You always need a good lamp for your dining table, but don't forget the dark corners of your room either. You can easily light these with a stylish floor lamp, for example. And if you want to save a lot of money with your living room lighting, it is definitely worth choosing LED lighting that will give you impressive burning hours.

What living room lighting is out there?

When you start looking at living room lighting, you immediately notice that the choice is huge. For example, when it comes to living room lighting, you can opt for pendant lamps, which make it easy to light up the larger areas of your room. For living room lighting, you can also conveniently use wall lights to illuminate beautiful paintings or create more openness in the room. Some wall lights are true pieces of art in themselves, so they can also serve as decoration.

Floor lamps add extra accents to different parts of your living room. Floor lamps are also part of living room lighting and offer more possibilities to illuminate certain areas in the room. Finally, your sideboard or side table deserves the right light with a nice table lamp.

Our living room lighting range

In our range of living room lighting, you will find many categories of lamps in various shapes, such as wavy or diamond or arc shapes. Our lighting for the living room is made of various materials, including glass, stainless steel or plastic that allow you to create a romantic, modern or industrial look, among others.

Within our living room lighting range, you will find a wide variety of well-known brands, such as Penta, Flos Decorative, Terzani and Brokis. If, for instance, you are looking for an original pendant lamp as living room lighting, then the Longuette Nero Superopaco will certainly act as an eye-catcher in your room. This light source consists of no less than six elegant bulbs that are beautifully designed and provide beautiful warm light.

Or what about the High Line Floor with rectangular shape? This freestanding lamp by renowned brand Marset is made of wood and iron and is available in blue, green, orange and white. Moreover, this lamp that has a rustic look is equipped with an LED module. Finally, in addition to living room lighting, you will also find outdoor lighting, including ground lights, spotlights and garden poles to turn your front and backyard into a true paradise of light too.