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Floor Lamps

With a floor lamp from, you will provide additional lighting and create a unique atmosphere

A floor lamp not only provides (extra) lighting in your home, they are also a beautiful addition to your interior. That is why every home should have one or more floor lamps.

In the wide range of floor lamps at, you will find a floor lamp for every living style. You will find various floor lamps of the best quality to give a unique look to any room!

A floor lamp fits any home

A floor lamp or floor-standing lamp is hugely practical and can be placed in any room in the house. It is also very easy to place a floor lamp, all you need is a socket. By the way, most floor lamps come with a very long cable, making it easy to move the lamp around.

A floor lamp comes in all possible sizes, designs and shapes. There is therefore a suitable floor lamp for every interior. For example, in an industrial environment you can opt for a sturdy floor lamp with a stronger or rougher design, while a wooden floor lamp with a warm look fits well in a rural or Scandinavian home. For a rural touch, there are sleek lamps with a trendy shade and next to your vintage furniture, a retro floor lamp is totally in place.

What is a floor lamp used for?

In a lot of rooms, ceiling lighting alone is not enough. Especially in large rooms, additional lighting is more than welcome. In this case, a floor lamp is the ideal solution. The lamps are often placed next to a sofa, for example, so that you can read a book quietly in the evening or near a desk to provide extra light while working.

However, a floor lamp does not only have a practical function. These beautiful lamps are also often used as mood lighting. A dimmable model is highly recommended in this case. With a dimmable floor lamp, you can adjust the amount of light at any time to create the perfect atmosphere and relax completely. A floor lamp is often used as mood lighting in the dining room during a cosy dinner or in the living room for a romantic evening with your partner.

Buy the best quality floor lamps at

As specialists in indoor and outdoor lighting, we at want to make sure you find a suitable floor lamp with us. We have therefore put together a very wide and varied collection. Our range includes floor lamps in all possible designs and in various price ranges.

Our selection includes floor lamps with or without lampshades, as well as floor reading lamps and table lamps. Furthermore, we only have floor lamps from the best brands, ranging from Flos Decorative to Marckdael and Stephane Davidts. Each floor lamp is also available in various colours and fabrics. the expert in indoor and outdoor lighting

At, we specialise in all types of lighting. Besides floor lamps, we have ceiling lamps, outdoor lighting and wall lighting, among others. Our impressive range consists of more than 175 top brands and each product is offered at the best price.

Moreover, you can also come to us for tailor-made solutions. Our specialists will find a suitable solution for every project and give you handy professional advice. So don't hesitate any longer and contact us now!