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Hallway lighting

Hallway lighting for any interior

You can create an inviting entrance to your home with the right hallway lighting. When you come home late at night, hallway lighting ensures a warm welcome, both for yourself and when you have guests over. Hallway lighting immediately sets the tone for the atmosphere throughout your home. Hallway lighting not only creates a pleasant atmosphere in the house, but also contributes to the security of your home. It can keep unwanted visitors out, but it also ensures that you take the stairs safely.

So good hallway lighting serves several purposes in your home. At, you will find a wide range of lamps for the hall, entrance hall and stairwell in different styles and for every interior.

Hallway lighting
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Hallway lighting: choose from a wide range

There is a wide range of lighting for the hall or corridor. Most common hallway lighting is a ceiling lamp or ceiling light. Characteristic of these lamps is their large luminous surface. They often consist of one or more spotlights. They are fixed against or close to the ceiling and they provide light throughout the room. This makes this type of lighting ideally suited for low or small rooms such as the hallway.

If your home has a high entrance, pendant lights are ideal. Choose, for example, a stylish chandelier or chandelier chandelier. There are different types: lavish models, sober models, playful models, etc. But our range also includes simple pendant lights for lighting your stairwell.

Wall lights are a great addition to hallway lighting. This indirect lighting creates a warm and homely atmosphere. If you have a narrow hallway, one wall lamp is often more than enough. In a long hall or stairwell, you can place several wall lights at set distances from each other to distribute the lighting nicely. You can go either way with this.

Lighting for your hall to suit your living style

Apart from different designs, lighting for your stairwell, (night) hallway and corridor is also available in a variety of styles. To create a warm and homely atmosphere, use hallway lighting with a rural look. Natural materials and subdued colours characterise rural hallway lighting. This makes this style at home in a rustic, pastoral or classic interior.

For a more timeless look, hallway lighting with a modern design always does well. Modern lighting in the stairwell can be combined with many living styles. The designs often focus on ease of use and functionality. Furthermore, modern lighting in the hallway stands out because of light colours and materials such as metal and plastic.

Industrial lighting for hall or corridor has a tough or rough look. The lamps and luminaires are usually less refined and somewhat coarser finished. Common colours are black, white, grey, copper and silver. Lighting for the hall with an industrial character offers a choice of materials such as metal, leather, glass and wood.

We also have what you are looking for when lighting your hallway for a classic, Scandinavian, Mediterranean or vintage interior.

Renowned lighting hall brands offers a choice of many brands. Regardless of which style of lamps you prefer. We sell lighting for the stairwell, corridor or hallway from manufacturers such as:

Lighting hallway, living room and more

With so many brands, styles, materials, colours and designs, you will always find lighting for the hallway that suits your needs, interior and budget. also has the right lamps for the other rooms in your home. In addition to our lighting for staircases, entrance halls and hallways, check out our floor lamps, outdoor lighting, table lamps and mood spots. Need lighting advice or custom-made hallway lighting? Get in touch with us.