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Kundalini is a company that today invests on an informed and mature design, focused on shape, but also on function, the choice of materials and cutting-edge technology, on the deeper meaning of each project.

All this has been possible thanks to the success that Kundalini has reaped since its inception in 1996 and to the intuition that led to its creation: the light does not illuminate only the spaces that welcome us, but also our inner being; light is not only designed, but in turn shapes our perception of the world and life.

Kundalini, a Sanskrit word, stands for the energy that resides in every individual and which, if discovered, leads to the enlightenment of the soul. In keeping with the spirit of this name and of the first projects, the company coined the expression: Interior lighting bodies, expressing in words the sensation that the products evoked in those who observe and experience them. An ecstatic vision, and not just aesthetics.

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