Antonio Carpintero, Encarnación Celdrán and Roberto Carpintero, three names that give concrete meaning to a brand: Carpyen. A brand that, from the beginning, has been pioneer in the creation of lighting elements so as to become, over the years, a reference in the sector.

A brand that has made of his work a distinguishing mark, remaining faithful to the quality, the creativity, the innovation and the inspiration. A brand that, over the years, has become stronger; and all of it because every collection is a new challenge to undertake, a new solution to deliver and new products to show that we still have the enthusiasm and energy of the first day.

We are from Barcelona. We were born and we grew up here and we keep manufacturing all our products in here as well; we take our inspiration from a lively, original, cosmopolitan city, with a turquoise-blue horizon and thousands of nooks to discover and stories to tell. We are proud to show the world that Carpyen ‘Made in Barcelona’ has a strong meaning, infinite and inexhaustible.


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